About  Us

The Blackburn Family Centre 

was established in 1997 to provide free childcare and support for families suffering long-term unemployment. 

The organisation has grown in response to the needs of the area andits families.  On 16th. April 2009 the organisation became a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee and is run by a
Board of Trustees comprising local people and service users.

All of the Family Centre’s work focuses on education and personal development. Health is a major focus of our work and is targeted from babies to grannies. Throughout all of our programmes we target the development of social skills and the building of self-esteem and confidence - particularly valuable for some participants who experience arduous family circumstances and/or find dealing with formal agencies difficult.

The Company's aims are to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Blackburn/Seafield and in particular children and their parents/families by advancing education, furthering health and providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation so that the condition of life of the aforementioned children and their parents/families may be improved.The Centre works primarily with families on low fixed income and we are able to offer them free Nursery places while they are making use of the services provided by the Centre.

Nursery Staff

We currently have 11 Childcare staff.
Managed by Jacalyn Sinnot.

Voluntary Staff

For some time the Blackburn Family Centre has been run
by a magnificent group of voluntary staff who continue
to provide a valuable service
to all members and to the community.  Without these voluntary members, the Blackburn Family Centre would not exist today.


 Our Ethos

There are no big chiefs here
We work together as a team,
Our aim is to be supreme.
Come join us and have some fun.
There is something here for everyone,
Cooking, Breakfast Club,
Swimming, Outings, Spa Hot Tub,
Children's nursery for the little ones
Where they can learn and have some fun
Come along and join our team.
Meet new friends and fulfil a dream.
Do something for yourself
and for your health
By chatting, laughing, a place to go.
Don't sit at home depressed and low.
You will be made welcome any time.
We are open to all so don't decline           

nterested in becoming a volunteer at Blackburn Family Centre?
You could help bring great value
to the local community.

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