Duty of Candour Annual Report

All health and social care services in Scotland have a duty of candour. This is a legal requirement
which means that when things go wrong and mistakes happen, the people affected understand what
has happened, receive an apology, and that organisations learn how to improve for the future.
An important part of this duty is that we provide an annual report about the duty of candour in our
services. This short report describes how Blackburn Family Centre has operated the duty of
candour during the time between 1st. January 2019 to 31st. December 2019. We hope you find
this report useful.

       About Blackburn Family Centre

Blackburn Family Centre is a charitable organisation and limited company governed by a Board
of Directors. The focus of the work at the Centre is to:

* Provide opportunities for children to socialise
* Provide safe, educational play for children
* Provide opportunities for mutual support and self-help among parents
* Provide opportunities for further education
* Enable parents to address local issues
* Enable parents to address issues relating to improvements in family health
* Ensure that families on low, fixed incomes have access to the resources of the Family Centre.

1. We provide childcare for children aged from six weeks to 12 years and are regulated by the
Care Inspectorate.
We offer both after school and early years care.
We provide free childcare places for participants of the Health Programme which operates
sessions Monday – Thursday.
We also offer private care for working parent/carers or college funded.
We are funded by West Lothian Council to provide funded places for Eligible 2`s.

2. How many incidents happened to which the duty of candour applies?
In the last year, there has been no incident to which the duty of candour applied. These are
where types of incident have happened which are unintended or unexpected, and do not relate
directly to the natural course of someone’s illness or underlying condition.

Type of unexpected or unintended incident:  - Number of times this happened:

Someone has died  - 0
Someone has permanently less bodily, sensory, motor, physiologic or intellectual functions  - 0.
Someone’s treatment has increased because of harm  - 0.
The structure of someone’s body changes because of harm   - 0.
Someone’s life expectancy becomes shorter because of harm   - 0.
Someone’s sensory, motor or intellectual functions is impaired for 28 days or more   - 0.
Someone experienced pain or psychological harm for 28 days or more   - 0.
A person needed health treatment in order to prevent them dying   - 0.
A person needing health treatment in order to prevent other injuries   - 0.

3. To what extent did Blackburn Family Centre follow the duty of candour procedure? 
Blackburn Family Centre implemented the Duty of Candour policies and procedures to
come into effect within our service from the 1st of April 2018. The Board of Directors and
Childcare Manager are responsible for ensuring:

* that the procedure is carried out.

* That training which is required by the regulation is undertaken.

* That training / support and supervision is provided to any persons carrying out any part of the
    procedure as required by the regulations.

* Reporting annually on the Duty.

4. Information about our policies and procedures:
Where something has happened that triggers the duty of candour, our staff report this to the
Childcare Manager who has responsibility for ensuring that the duty of candour procedure is
followed. The Manager records the incident and reports as necessary to both the Board of
Directors and The Care Inspectorate. When an incident has happened, the Manager and staff
set up a learning review. This allows everyone involved to review what happened and identifies
changes for the future.

All new staff learn about the duty of candour at their induction. We know that serious mistakes
can be distressing for staff as well as people who use care and their families. We have
 occupational support in place through our HR Peninsula Business Services for our staff if they
 have been affected by a duty of candour incident.

Where parents or children are affected by the duty of candour, we have arrangements in place
to provide welfare support as necessary.

5. What has changed as a result?
All staff were made aware of the on-line training for duty of candour and awareness was raised.
All childcare staff were provided with the opportunity to attend a paediatric first aid training course.

6. Other information
This is the first year of the duty of candour being in operation and it has been a learning experience
for our Centre. It has helped us to remember that people who use care have the right to know when
things go badly, as well as when they go well.
As required, we have submitted this report to the Care Inspectorate but in the spirit of openness we
have also placed it on our website and shared it with our families too.

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